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A proven five step framework

According to MediaPost, on average marketers think at least 26% of their budget is wasted due to lack of data insight and not understanding the impact of sales and marketing. We have a simple five step engagement process that our clients go through collaboratively to ensure your website, project, branding or marketing is a measurable success.


1. discovery phase

This is where we start with our clients, we’ll get to know your business, client base, market position and create clarity around current challenges and goals.

typical activities in this phase...

2. design phase

This is where we create concepts and agree direction of travel for creating your digital product, this is the most creative phase but can also be the most involved.

outputs from this phase include...

3. development phase

Once we’ve got an agreed design locked in, we get to work to build your website, product or solution

outputs from this phase include...

4. deployment phase

An exciting moment has arrived, here we lay out the pre-launch plan and go about deploying your new website or product

typical activities in this phase include...

5. ongoing support

This is one of the most overlooked parts of launching a new product, service or website, we’re here for the long term to ensure you continue to evolve

outputs from this phase include...

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