B&C Services

Case Study


B&C Services is a family-run bookkeeping firm located in the heart of Sussex, serving clients across the South Coast UK and throughout London. They are well established and respected in their industry, with years of experience providing small and medium businesses with various bookkeeping and payroll services. Over the years, SCVLE has been their go-to agency time and time again to provide new content, website and branding to keep them feeling fresh and modern as they evolve the services they provide to their clients.

The Challenge

Always ready to push the boundaries, especially regarding our platform, we used our analytical eye to create a visually engaging site optimised for maximum performance. It also perfectly reflects the journey we’ve been through during these years. Let’s still consider it a work in progress as we have yet to release plenty of case studies from product design to other digital campaigns through more experiences, but we can now draw a line in the sand with this new milestone.

The Solution

We already strongly understood their brand and services, having designed and built their 3 previous websites over the last 5-7 years. We created a fully optimised WordPress website and chose to move away from their current simplified single-page design, which would give the option to build out dedicated pages for their key services.

We updated existing content and wording to be more concise and convey their services appropriately; we introduced a mix of imagery that conveyed traditional messages like teamwork and finance. We also retained their Sussex and London-based roots with more broad and unconventional images. To avoid the traditional stock photo overload that plagues their industry already.


Faster Website
Faster Website

Bruce Rose

We have worked with SCVLE over the years and, on every engagement, found them knowledgeable about current design and industry trends to ensure our brand remains up-to-date. Our online presence also positions our services with our intended audience and clients. We can’t recommend them highly enough,